NEW! Finally we converted the most successful pack of our Freeze Frame collection for Final Cut Pro X! This is the most advanced and sophisticated Freeze Frame Animation Pack for Final Cut to date. No expert or professional knowledge needed, just follow the instructions in the below tutorial and with a few drags, drops and clicks you can turn a boring promo video into a cinematic opener in top quality. ​ Use it for movie intros, Youtube-Channel-Clips, Home-Videos, Student projects or just for fun to impress your friends. ​ Placeholders are the video footage: simply replace and move it into the desired position to achieve the perfect freeze frame effect. ​ Use the Shape Mask tool to reveal the background to increase awe-effect and impact!

• Easy to edit in Motion or Final Cut Pro X
• Resizable resolution up to 4K
• Variable length
• No plugins required
• Easy to choose freeze time
• All values and colors are editable
• Compatible with Final Cut X 10.2 or newer
• Help with font included
• Video tutorials included
• Audio from preview by mannymusic Let's Go!. ​ If you have questions, contact us through via email. ​
- KTF Roadstar
- ComicsCarToon
- Edo SZ
- SF Comic Script
- Comic Book
- KF Himaji

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