Youtubers – and those who plan to become Youtubers! We are back with a special edition of the Youtuber Pack, and this time we go full comic-style.. presenting: The Youtuber Pack – Comic Edition – Final Cut Pro X. Custom yet recognizable elements of popular Super-Heros and Villains. If you want to spice up your channel in the most “YourFavorite-Man/Woman” fashion, then this is the Number 1 choice!

This Pack is more packed than an Ironman suit, more powerful than Superman, smoother than Spiderman and funnier than the Joker!

• 10 Logo Reveals
• 7 Titles
• 10 Lower Thirds
• 3 End Screens
• 5 Transitions
• 5 Info Bars

You can use it directly inside FCPX, all parameters are editable and can be edited in seconds. Adjust colors so it matches your identity and all that is left is making your video. No more time-wasting on tricky animations: we’ve got you covered for most cases.


WOW! Is all I can say. You’ve got to love Envato and it’s authors!

This is such a comprehensive package, full of everything needed to create awesome YouTube episodes and channels. Plus, if you want to use it for projects outside of YouTube… No Problem! It’s so organized and easy to customize for any video project, including “Call to Action” marketing videos. I give this AE Package 5 stars and 2 enthusiastic thumbs up for quality, creativity, customization abilities, organization and flexible usage. The author has even provided updates, so that means great service & support too! Seriously guys, if you want yourself and/or your clients to be grinning like donkeys chewing on briers, this is a must have for your AE Toolbox!
- docizzen

Beauty, Cool , i cant describe more, must buy!
- kitamurazyide

Really love this project, perhaps the best youtuber pack available on videohive or anywhere on the web. I just love the animations and this pack is of tremendous help for my youtube channel.
- chakru
*from AFX version

• 40 Items in one package
• Easy to edit in Motion or Final Cut Pro X
• Resizable resolution up to 4K
• Variable length
• All values and colors are editable
• In/Out animations
• Compatible with Final Cut X 10.2 or newer
• Compatible with Motion 5.2 or newer
• Help with font included
• Video tutorials included
• Music by MusicPremium – Your Loopable Epic Action are not included.

[DP669] The Youtuber Pack – Comic Edition – Final Cut Pro X : Apple Motion Edition – Tutorial

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SF Comic Script
Bebas Neue
Badaboom BB
Comic Book
American Captain
Komika Axis
Avengeance Mightiest Avenger
Rogue Hero
Alternate Gothic No2 D
Rogue Hero Condensed

The videos and photos (Creative Commons) used on preview are not included:
Child – 1341591
How to attach cosplay armor without having visible straps
How to make an Orianna ball (League Of Legends Cosplay Tutorial)
How to paint metallic cosplay armor: Tutorial
New York City Comic Con 2015 Cosplay Music Video
Ohayocon 2016 Cosplay Anime Convention _ Anime Con

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Remark DP669: This would apply to a Youtube Channel likewise. A single license is valid for 1 year per channel. After that a new license needs to be purchased.

The Youtuber Pack - Comic Edition - Final Cut Pro X


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