4 awesome Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion Templates

Planning to become a YouTuber or a Vlogger but don’t know how to use animated overlays, lower thirds or other visual elements to your Videos?

Learning how to create motion graphics in Final Cut Pro or Apple Motion can be quite cumbersome. First you need to learn how to design static graphics (and yeah: you need to understand good design principles and best practices there too). You achieve this in Design Suites such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop or less commonly known tools that all have their advantages and quirks.

Then you need to learn how to structure your design composition so you can import it into Final Cut Pro or Apple Motion. That in itself is a very draggy process and might take a while to figure it all out. Understanding how to deal with 4K or HD resolution, keyframes, easing curves and the general interface that handles the different visual asset-formats requires time and commitment.

Then doing the “motion” part of the design again is an art in itself: how to transition, layer, ease and cut the individual elements like shapes, text, boxes, then applying just the right amount of effects on top of them is why good motion artists are going to take a very big chunk of your creative project’s budget.

Doing this alone (like most YouTubers do) can be a daunting challenge, but there is hope! If you are on Apple and FinalCut we’ve picked 4 really cool Motion Templates that allow you to spice up your videos without much of the above pain, while still being able to adjust and customize them to your flavor or brand.

1. The Youtuber Pack – Final Cut Pro X

This one is a general pack with everything you need to kick off your channel:

• 10 Logo Reveals
• 10 Lower Thirds
• 10 Transitions
• 6 End Cards
• 3 Side Infos

Check it out here:

Youtuber Pack Final Cut Pro

2. The Youtuber Pack – Comic Edition – Final Cut Pro X

Do you plan to give your channel or videos a visual edge over the rest of the pack? Especially comic fans and reviewers, gamers or just fun YouTubers prefer funky designs on their videos and this one is the best pick with:

• 10 Logo Reveals
• 7 Titles
• 10 Lower Thirds
• 3 End Screens
• 5 Transitions
• 5 Info Bars

Check it out here:

Youtuber Pack Final Cut Pro

3. Freeze Frames: Comic Pack – Final Cut Pro X

This pack can be a great addition to your asset library if you plan to throw some cinema like freeze frame effects into your videos. Ideal for introducing characters or protagonists in your YouTube video, short film or even feature film project! The best part here is that it is resizable up to 4K so you don’t need to be afraid to throw them into your big screen cinema project!

Check it out here:

Freeze Frames Comic

4. Brightly | Animations Explainer Toolkit – Final Cut Pro X & Apple Motion

There are a lot of Explainer Toolkits to be found on Marketplaces like Videohive but in fact none for Final Cut Pro or Apple Motion! Except there is one now, called “Brightly” and while the first iteration is visually not really that awesome, an upcoming update will fix the characters and backgrounds bringing it up to the level of classic Kits such as Pixity for AfterEffects.

So go check it out now!

Brightly Explainer Toolkit

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